Thirteen years ago I graduated from the Aveda Institute Massage/Day Spa program with the intent of helping working class people.  I wanted to work with people that work a job or two to survive; those with stress and worries about everyday life. In other words, real people that truly need a massage, need to relax, need pampering, and need a time to calm their minds.

Since graduating, I have worked in spas that charge the typical $80 an hour for a massage. Unfortunately most spas focus on one target market, profits, and quantity, rather than quality and wellness for all. Since I was unable to find a company that shared my ideals, I’ve created studio.thr3e.  As my company grew, I have been able to bring aboard other wonderful massage therapists who share the same ideals.

Our mission at studio.thr3e is to turn wellness into a healthy affordable lifestyle instead of an indulgence.

Our prices are based on a sliding scale, pay what you can afford. I have a minimum rate and a spa rate on my menu. The spa rate is the price a typical spa would charge for the service.  You may pay whatever you can afford in between the two prices.

Nena Pounder, CMT


We are open daily, by appointment only.

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